Biomimetic Dentistry in Colorado Springs

Biomimetic Dentistry Overview

Biomimetic Dentistry is a superior form of dentistry that provides better long-term oral health than traditional dental techniques. Only dentists who have completed advanced biomimetic training are qualified to perform these unique and improved procedures. Dr. Jared Waite is one of only three dentists in Colorado Springs to bring this valuable service to you.

There are several reasons why you’ll prefer biomimetic dentistry:
  • It eliminates the need for most root canals.
  • There is little to no tooth sensitivity following treatment.
  • You will never need a temporary crown.
  • Procedures are completed in one visit.
  • You keep more of your natural tooth with every procedure.
  • Your tooth is rebuilt in layers to mimic the way nature created it.
  • Biomimetic restorations repair easily, saving you time and money

Biomimetics focuses on sealing your tooth from the harmful bacteria that cause decay and sensitivity and ultimately lead to a root canal. The majority of all traditional white or silver (amalgam) fillings and crowns eventually leak, allowing bacteria to seep in and create new cavities, causing sensitivity and pain.

Traditional white fillings. The brown color around the fillings is leakage, i.e. spots where bacteria can seep into your tooth.
Same tooth with filling and brown stain removed. The black areas on the inside of the tooth are cavities. This patient was complaining of sensitivity prior to biomimetic treatment.
Molar with Leaking Silver Filling. Patient complains of sensitivity, pain, and broken tooth.
Same Molar with Filling Removed. The pink stain shows the cavities that formed under the filling, explaining why the patient was experiencing sensitivity.
Same Molar Biomimetically Restored. This molar is now structurally sealed, allowing the tooth to look, feel and function like the other natural teeth. This also eliminates sensitivity.

Biomimetic dentistry is also very tooth conservative. Because your teeth cannot regenerate themselves like other tissues in your body, it is vital to your overall dental health to keep as much natural tooth structure as possible. Biomimetics accomplishes that goal. By practicing biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Waite makes a restoration that fits your healthy tooth and provides proper form and function. He doesn’t cut away excessive healthy tooth structure to fit a restoration that will eventually leak and cause sensitivity and pain (see pictures below).
Traditional crown preparation on a lower right molar. For a traditional crown, a dentist must amputate even healthy tooth structure, leaving only a nub, in order to fit a full crown. Over a ten-year period, more than 30 percent of teeth prepared in this manner will fail, resulting in root canals.
Biomimetic preparation on a lower right molar. Only the structurally compromised and decayed parts of the tooth are cut away in a biomimetically restored tooth. Notice the amount of tooth structure left in tact. This provides for a longer life span of the natural tooth and more than a 90 percent chance of never needing a root canal.

An integral part of successful biomimetic restorations is the combination of the right materials with the right technique to properly bond broken and decayed teeth. Dr. Waite utilizes the most sophisticated resin and ceramic materials to reconstruct layers in your tooth similar to what nature created. This also eliminates the need for multiple visits to the dentist in order to treat one tooth. All biomimetic dentistry is completed in one office visit; you will never need a temporary filling or crown.

CLICK PLAY. Watch a Biomimetic procedure and see for yourself how we "mimic nature".

No dental work lasts forever. Most conventional dental treatments fail catastrophically, causing sensitivity, pain and even tooth loss. Biomimetic dentistry is designed so that when failure occurs it does so in a way that is not detrimental to the tooth. It won’t make the tooth sensitive or painful. This is because the nerve and other inner parts of the tooth have been sealed off and protected. In most instances, biomimetic restorations can be repaired in a single visit, taking about 15-20 minutes and without requiring dental anesthetic. This promotes long-term health of the tooth.

Traditional Crown Failure; Extracted Tooth. This catastrophic failure was caused because the natural tooth below this crown could not withstand the forces of chewing. This caused the tooth to crack, resulting in a lost crown and extracted tooth.
Biomimetic Failure; Small Broken Piece. This premolar had been biomimetically restored. After several years, a small portion of the bioimimetic restoration broke off. Tooth was neither sensitive nor painful due to sealing nature of technique and could be easily repaired.



Biomimetic dentistry will help your smile last longer, be healthier and feel more natural. Take control of your dental health. Call or click to learn more about how you can benefit from Biomimetic Dentistry.

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