The Aspen Ridge Wellness Plan

For those of you who do not have dental insurance, we are happy to offer the Aspen Ridge Wellness Plan. This plan offers an exceptional value for necessary preventative services that keep your smile healthy and bright. It also provides a substantial discount for all other dental services performed in our office. Plus, with the Wellness Plan you enjoy:



  • No annual deductible
  • No annual maximum on discounted services
  • No pre-existing conditions
  • No waiting period
  • Coverage for all dental services (no exclusions)


Here's how it works: simply fill out our Aspen Ridge Wellness Plan Enrollment Form, submit your annual fee, and start taking advantage of great benefits immediately. Once enrolled, you are covered for twelve months from date of enrollment.


The Wellness Plan provides you with great dental benefits, including:


  • 100% coverage of the following treatments
    • 2 Standard cleanings
    • 2 Comprehensive dental exams
    • All necessary dental X-rays
    • 2 Fluoride varnish treatments
  • PLUS, a 10% Discount on all other Dental Treatments done in our office


Annual Fees

  • $350 per adult
    • +$150 for 1 dependent (13 years old and younger)
    • +$250 for 2-3 dependents (13 years old and younger)
    • +$350 for 4-6 dependents (13 years old and younger)
    • +$175 per dependent (14-19 years old)
    • +$200 per dependent (20-25 years old)


For an adult this is a savings of $211 per year, for a family of five with three children 13 and younger this would be a savings of $820 per year.


Call us today for more information about the Aspen Ridge Wellness Plan, and get you and your family on the road to a healthier, brighter smile at an affordable price.



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